This project is a planned improvement on campus to enhance vehicular circulation and address ongoing campus growth.

The scope of the project includes

  • widening Newstead Avenue from Clayton Avenue to Forest Park Avenue from three lanes to five lanes (four traffic lanes and a universal lane)
  • widening the MetroLink crossing at Newstead from 36 feet to 50 feet wide
  • adding a dedicated right turn lane on Clayton at Newstead
  • complete replacement and re-signalization of the intersections at Duncan Avenue and Forest Park where they cross Newstead
  • improving alignment and throughput circulation at the intersection of Duncan and Newstead
  • providing ADA and pedestrian safety improvements along Newstead

The project will be constructed in multiple phases. Throughout the project, construction will require various lane closures, lane changes, temporary barricades, construction traffic, and dayshift and nightshift work along Newstead.

The schedule is anticipated to have a 14-month duration consisting of approximately 12 phases.

If your commute to work includes driving Newstead, please plan additional time in anticipation of construction-related delays, congestion and changes to traffic patterns during this project.


Spring 2021


Lauren Leonard