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4370 Duncan Ave

St. Louis, MO 63110

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Lab Floors

The Neuroscience Research Building has 5 lab floors built out and 2 1/2 lab floors of shell space for future fit out. Each floor requires badge access for entry.

On each typical lab research floor, one will find:

- Four separate lab neighborhoods/areas with adjacent lab support space

- Vertical Vivarium, surgical and behavior suites

- Linear equipment rooms

- Connecting monumental stair

- Faculty and administrative offices lining the perimeter of the building

- Shared workstations for lab personnel

- Huddle and/or conference rooms

- Public shared space

- Common break area (4 refrigerators, 1 sink, 4 microwaves, ice/water dispenser, coffee dispenser)

- Centralized copy area space for 1 multi-function copier, mail slots (1 slot per PI and 1 slot for each lab's general mail), lockable cabinets for paper storage, space for one recycling and Shred-It bin

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Shared Spaces

The Operations and Facilities Management Department created the Education & Campus Support Services Program (ECSS) to manage all shared spaces at Washington University School of Medicine.

The program also manages services for those shared spaces and certain auxiliary services on campus like retail and dining.

The goals of this program include effective utilization, quality program support, sound financial management and physical stewardship. The program and core services will support the campus’ core mission of education, clinical care and innovative research.

To reserve a shared space in the NRB, please visit or call the ECSS team at 314-747-6338.

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Before Move-In:

- Pursuing LEED Gold Certification through all aspects of building design and construction

- Mitigating waste from incoming equipment shipments

- Combining shipments

- Returning packing crates and supplies to vendors

- Providing waste diversion opportunities before labs move to reduce waste on move days

- Prioritizing reuse and donation before recycling

NRB’s Culture of Sustainability

- Ongoing support and prioritization of lab sustainability through the Green Labs Program

- Lab waste diversion opportunities (Lab-lab donations, non-profit donations, upstream waste diversion, etc.)

- Freezer Incentive

- Financially incentivize researchers to replace 10+-year-old ULT (-80) Freezers with new high-efficiency models

- Each freezer replaced reduces energy consumption by ~7,000 kWh, OFMD is returning the energy savings to the researchers through a financial reimbursement.

- Approximately 20 freezers replaced with HE units to date

- Desk-side recycling bins, communal landfill bins

- Currently reviewing composting opportunities

- Alternative Transportation

- Free Metro passes for WUSM employees

- 36 electric vehicle stations in the parking garage

- Shared ridership parking permit

- 100 covered bike rack spaces

- Showering and locker room facilities for active commuters

Map of current bike racks and showers

To learn more about WUSM’s Sustainability initiatives, please visit the sustainability website.