The Operations & Facilities Management physical planning team proactively supports and plans for the School of Medicine’s physical needs to ensure proper stewardship, care and expansion planning in its mission of patient care, research and education.

Physical space planning helps departments improve key adjacencies, better utilize existing space, and plan for important renovations. To continue to meet current and future space needs, departments are now participating in rolling 5-year physical planning activities with annual updates.

WUSM Planning & Projects: Annual/5-Year Planning

Annual/5-Year Planning Focus

The annual/5-year space planning process 

  • Planning for growth, attrition, programmatic adjacencies, and specialty space needs
  • Planning includes research, administrative, education, and ambulatory space

Next Steps

Departments have been assigned planners to complete annual rolling 5-year needs studies.

For general information about annual/5-year planning, contact Mariah Harris, Director of Space Programming, at For departments with questions please contact your assigned planner.