Rent for Space is a model for uniform, equitable, and effective management of Washington University School of Medicine space.

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Changes to the Rent for Space model were recommended and implemented in FY20 using a phased approach, outlined below.

Phase 1 – Wet Lab

Effective July 1, 2019

  • Charges rent for wet lab space and returns a portion of research dollars supporting wet lab research
  • Based on room type and quality of space
  • Once all phases are implemented, model will fund basic renewal of space

Phase 2 – All Other Space

Tentatively Effective FY23

  • Adds ambulatory, office/dry lab, and auxiliary space to the model
  • Will work to realign revenue to neutralize phase starting places and incentivizes effective space utilization
  • Will require funds flow realignment

Next Steps

Phase 1
  • Begin renewal schedule for interiors and infrastructure
  • Develop 10-year renewal plan
Phase 2
  • Determine all campus space with no current assigned rent
  • Determine cost of unfunded space
  • Align rents on currently leased space with new rents
  • Align funding changes with cost of space
  • Present model to executive faculty for approval

Executive Faculty Space Committee

Voting Members

Dr. Vicky Fraser, Chair
Dr. Michael Avidan
Dr. David Piston
Dr. Richard Wahl
Dr. Greg Zipfel
Dr. Jeff Milbrandt

Administration Consult

Rick Stanton
Dr. Jenny Lodge
Dr. David Perlmutter  

Staff Support

OFMD and Finance