Public realm refers to all public areas across the Washington University School of Medicine campus and the wider Washington University Medical Center bounded by Kingshighway, Forest Park Avenue, Boyle and I-64. The Medical Center’s public realm is managed by a joint committee of the various entities on campus.

Planning for the WUSM public realm involves creating consistency and harmony in these areas through the application of design guidelines and standards across all public areas on campus.

Planning for the WUSM public realm is developed and managed by Alan Miller.

Public Realm Common Standards

Common standards across the public realm of the School of Medicine, and the wider Medical Center campus, include:

  • curb details
  • paving details
  • pedestrian and vehicular lighting
  • decorative pots
  • planting and irrigation details

Key Public Realm Projects

Newstead Road Improvements

New signage system to simplify wayfinding on Medical Campus