The Operations and Facilities Management department currently plans, maintains, and manages 62 campus buildings and 9.2 million building gross square feet. Washington University School of Medicine building space on the campus increased by 65% in the last decade, and the pace of this growth continues exponentially with the addition of new buildings and important renovations. Sustainability is taken into consideration in all aspects of building design and operation, including building design and construction, interior furnishing, and landscaping.

Department staff is dedicated to stewardship of the school’s physical assets and promotion of the campus environment for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To that end, OFMD has created a Sustainability Strategic Plan as an expression of its commitment to sustainability and to report on and plan sustainable practices in planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the School of Medicine’s physical environment.

LEED Certified Buildings

WashU School of Medicine currently has 8 LEED certified buildings, with 2 additional buildings expected to certify in 2023-2024.

            Genome Sequencing Data Center: GOLD (2008)

            BJC Institute of Health: GOLD (2010)

            Data Center: SILVER

            McDonnell Medical Science Building (8th floor): CERTIFIED

            BJC Institute of Health (5th floor): CERTIFIED

            Debra and George W. Couch III Biomedical Research Building: GOLD

            4480 Clayton: SILVER

            Mid-Campus Center: GOLD

            Neuroscience Research Building: Expected to achieve GOLD

            Ambulatory Cancer Center: Expected to achieve SILVER

Building Occupancy

Occupants also have a role to play in keeping our buildings running efficiently and sustainably.

By joining the Green Office or Green Lab program, occupants can learn how to decrease their environmental impact in their workspaces.

If you are looking to get rid of or acquire office or lab supplies, furniture, or equipment, WashUReuse is a great resource for internal circulation of University assets.